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EIOS HACKATHOn | June to September | 18:00 - 21:00

Over these 8 intensive weeks, eight wellbeing practitioners are your partners and guides on your journey to wellbeing. 

Connect with your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, wellbeing and relationships. 

1 journey. 8 weeks. 8 modules. 8 human behavior experts. 1 quest: become a #WellbeingChampion. 1 mission: #MakeWellbeingGoViral.

Week 1: Clean Up Week

Have you ever been hurt in your life? Do you sometimes feel like your whole body is crying? Do you know how to overcome fear, doubt, and discouragement?

In this module we will share a technique that will help you learn to uncover the source of unexplainable pains, sensations and emotions (psychosomatic illnesses). This will be the first step to set you forth on the path of effective handling for these conditions.

Week 2: Discovery Week

Are you often feeling exhausted? Do you sometimes lack the energy to even last the day? The answer may be, literally, in your heart. 

Believe it or not, your heart is not just a pump; it is directly relevant to business performance and results. We now have empirical evidence that demonstrates the connection between Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and performance. A 24-hour HRV assessment can reveal how much energy your have and whether your energy is being used efficiently or being drained. In this module, we’ll learn how to recognize subtle stress signals before they become chronic; powerful techniques to boost performance, resilience and quality of life; as well as how to be less reactive and maintain clarity under pressure.

Week 3: Preparation Week

Fulfillment is a right and not a privilege, and nothing gives a person inner fulfillment and peace like a distinct understanding of where they are going. Finding fulfillment in life starts with understanding exactly WHY we do what we do. More than ever, people are wanting more out of work than money. We want more meaning and more purpose. We want to be able to see how our contribution to the workplace or to the world makes a difference.


Get to the bottom of the big questions everyone asks themselves: Why am I here? What am I here to do? In this module we reveal six powerful exercises to help you discover and live your purpose.

Week 4: Competence Week

By now, you will have learned:

– to face yourself and understand your unconscious drives,

– to listen to your feelings and work from your heart

– to find your purpose in life 

You are ready to put all that you have learned into practice. In this module we will take you to the next level and help you achieve measurable results by identifying and defying any and all thoughts and beliefs that might be prolonging your distress or anxiety, or standing in the way of your success and wellbeing.

Week 5: Embodiment Week

How do you create a successful and meaningful project, venture or life? And how do you sustain generative states throughout life? Generative Leadership involves achieving outcomes that are completely new. The core focus is creativity. 

Creativity is the cornerstone of innovation and the hallmark of a self-actualized person. This module will help you unleash that.

Week 6: Discipline Week

By now you know what you want, you feel empowered and energized to put it all into practice; you have the tools, the know-how, the enthusiasm and the energy to turn your life around. How do you sustain this state?

This module will help you achieve and sustain clarity about what is important to you and a deeper understanding of the world around you. We will help you clear away the trivia and needless worries about unimportant things, nurture passion for your work and compassion for others, and develop the ability to empower the people in your around you.

Week 7: Wisdom Week

Have you been to more personal development workshops than you can count? Are you making measurable progress? 

The eiOS is not only unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, it offers you measurable oversight of your progress. This module is a cutting edge assessment (used in forensics). Here we will measure your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and identify your potential for emotional health, and psychological wellbeing, making sure that you don’t only FEEL better, but also see measurable effects. 

Week 8: Integration Week

On our final day together, we will lock in our new purpose and empowerment. 


Technology has made the world we live in global and exponential. Yet, our brain evolved in a way that is linear and that is local. And this dissonance has measurable consequences on our wellbeing. 

The personal crisis has become a contagion. And this crisis is not only felt on an individual level. We are feeling it on a collective, and organizational level too.  


The current wellbeing landscape

If you often ask yourself: “How should I live my life in way that I can safeguard my future physical, mental and social wellbeing?” you are not alone! Uncertainty about an answer to this question permeates all layers of our society: 

  • Students: 44% of students don’t know what they want to do after graduation
  • Employees: 375M employees will need a career switch by 2030 due to automation
  • Remote workers: In the new economy, people have to juggle various concepts of “remote working” and “flexitime” that are seemingly presenting new opportunities for prosperity, but are in reality undermining emotional and psychological wellbeing. The ‘vertigo of freedom’ is the paralysis of too much possibility and gives rise to an epidemic of depression and anxiety
  • Entrepreneurs: 90% of startups fail
  • 45-plusers: 70% of the entire unemployed population in the Netherlands falls into the 45-plus age group category

Automation will continue to bring big shifts to the world of work, as AI and robotics change or replace some jobs, while others are created. These changes in the external environment threaten our internal body milieu. Uncertainty gives rise to stress.

“I have zero motivation to go to work!” 

87% of people in the world are in a state of persistent lack of interest and disengagement. We encounter difficulty with completing projects, feel a sense of hopelessness, lack desire and experience reduced levels of energy. Our creativity and concentration are challenged. 

In clinical psychology, the state when a number of symptoms, such as the ones listed above, are present at the same time for a period of more than several weeks and interfere with a person’s ability to optimally perform his or her day-to-day activities is diagnosed as a “disorder.” Disengagement is a global disorder. 

When we’re disengaged, we are cut off from our motivation. When we continue to exert ourselves in spite of how we really feel, we’re undermining our own wellbeing.

1MLN people in the Netherlands experience burnout every year.

As a result of these stressors – coaching is the 2ND fastest growing industry. There are currently 100k Wellbeing Practitioners in the Netherlands. But, there’s only so much one practitioner can do in a day.

Philip, CEQO
Chief EQ Analytics Officer
Davide, CMO
Chief MIND(fulness) Officer
Dennis, CLBO
Chief Limiting Beliefs Officer
Sander, CHO
Chief HEART(fulness) Officer
Frank, CPO
Chief Purpose Officer
Ina, CEO
Chief Emotions Officer
Cor, CBO
Chief BODY Officer
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the eiOS team

Tired of being treated like just another vendor by prospects and clients? Clients are increasingly looking for partners, not vendors; for people who can collaborate, join the dots and build solutions; people who are comfortable to challenge the status-quo; who can solve problems instead of just pointing them out. Emotional Intelligence is the new competitive edge for entrepreneurs and core competence that enables you to distinguish yourself as a valuable partner.

“I have no idea what job I want!” Indecision can make the job application process scary no matter where you are in your professional life, but for over 44% of new grads, this was the more frightening part.

Do you often worry that you don’t know your purpose in life? Maybe you’ve lost all hope to find it. Maybe you already know what you want to do but you’re not sure how to get there. That’s why you’re here! And that’s why this course is for you. Join us and unleash your purpose and watch how the right job just follows. Knowing your purpose is like having a GPS on guiding you towards the perfect opportunity.

Bonus: Mingle and network with the startups and brands that are at your table, and who knows? You may land your next assignment or internship in no time.

Coaching is the 2nd fastest growing industry. The coaching landscape is becoming ever more competitive. You want to make a difference in the world but you find yourself forced to dilute your focus on something that is not your core strength, such as marketing and sales. You’re challenged to go to ever greater lengths to find clients. 70% of all coaches that joined our immersions have not only enjoyed an interesting learning experience, but have created long term relationships with our attendees. Join us and showcase your services to 63 attendees, among which brands, startups and universities looking for the next great workshop

A freelancer is an entrepreneur at heart. Clients must be acquired, Competition is tough. Customers are demanding. 

A recent study reported the higher workload and relatively lower rewards such as money, esteem, promotion prospects, job security have significant negative effects on mental health. And these are exactly the issues a lot of freelancers have to deal with. Additionally, 30% of all entrepreneurs experience depression at some point of their careers (Dr. M. Freeman).

Research shows that people with lower emotional intelligence have a higher risk for depressionManaging your emotions is key to wellbeing and that’s why this course was designed.  

Do you often find yourself planning the next ‘break out’ and ‘escape’ from the office? Do you spend hours listening to how others are succeeding in their lives? You’ve gone through all the L&D tracks and listened to all the inspiring talks on the internet and yet, there’s still something missing. You just can’t seem to be able to put your finger on it. Your projects at work have become uninspiring. Perhaps you’re battling insomnia or have a nagging feeling that you’re made for something bigger. Don’t waste your time listening to others give inspirational talks. Come learn how you can become an inspiration yourself! 

Certainly, you’re looking to create a high performance work environment! But how do you do that when one of the biggest concerns for leaders today is employee stress and burnout? What if the two work hand in glove? Happy employees are productive employees. Recent research has found that Emotional Intelligence was the strongest predictor of both, wellbeing and performance. 90% of top performers have high EQ. This ticket offers you the opportunity to experience the program and be part of co-creating a solution.

Not sure whether all the personal-development you’ve been doing is paying off? Have you been to more workshops and meetups than you can count but you’re yet to experience the effects? 

The eiOS is not only unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, it offers you measurable oversight of your progress. You can keep the finger on the pulse of your development and know real-time whether you need to dial up or dial out. 

Ready to be part of the hottest program in town with an honest mission to make a difference in the world? Join us and get months worth of valuable insights to talk about with your followers.

why Emotional Intelligence

In this program we intend to make wellbeing go viral.

This program is grounded in a rigorous body of scientific research on Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the new competitive edge for companies and a key competence in any aspect of our lives.

How is SHFT Happens


We are not a traditional training school. SHFT Happens is a colearning platform. Colearning is a new concept. In colearning, coworking & coliving spaces are leveraged as communication tools.

Mind, Body & Spirit

Our immersions revolve around the interface between Work, Mind, Body & Spirit. We don't believe that emotions can be learned - only experienced. We'll take you on a journey to where you've never been before, through realms such as HeartCoherence, Generative Work and trance.


We don't differentiate between CEOs, students, or unemployed! We care about who you are, not what you do. By breaking down the boundaries between titles, we allow for natural tribes to emerge. Students meet their future internships, startups meet their helping hands and brands meet their customers, in a organic way.


Preparing the world for the future of work and striving for ZERO burnout for all.


Together with a network of 20+ mentors, coaches, psychologists and experts in fields of human behavior, emotions, motivation and personality we are hacking, rewiring and upgrading the emotions of savvy creatives, high performers and their teams around the world. From entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 enterprises.



We design programs, create immersions and craft campaigns that contribute not only to your financial success but also to the betterment of human condition.